Hi there,

The Entire Pain Revolution Rural Outreach Tour team are looking forward to seeing you in a little over 2 weeks in Hobart.

We have been very busy planning an interesting, fun, science and evidence-based program for you and we are very excited indeed! Our aim is to pass on some nuggets of knowledge and insight that will help you get a grip on contemporary Pain Science and how to apply it in your clinic.

Whether you are ‘all over the new world of pain science’, or a complete newby to it all and just coming to suss things out, we want you to feel welcome and get as involved as you would like! We’ve planned a multidisciplinary panel discussion, so have your questions ready – tricky questions are fine – we will be honest and we are as much about learning from you as we are about sharing with you the stuff that excites us.

You will have a chance to meet the new Local Pain Educator trainees who have gained scholarships and are embarking on a new journey of discovery. They will continue to work in the community over the next couple of years, long after our peloton has pedalled off into the sunset.

You can pick up a remarkably priced book or a t-shirt in the Pain Exchange Shop (you might even get a signature from Lorimer or David if that’s your thing!). Authors have given up royalties, publishers have given us a hefty discount, and all proceeds go straight to the Local Pain Educators Program.

You can drop-in to see Dr Daniel Harvie and his Brilliant Brain Bus on the 22th March in Parliament Garden 12-2pm to sense and feel some of the cool illusions that we’ll be discussing in the evening talk. Tell your friends, family and patients about that one!

If you are keen to get more stuck in, we are running another more intense workshop on Sunday 24th March in Hobart. We would love you to consider forking out a cool $70 for the “Preventing and managing chronic pain locally” pre-congress workshop as part of the 15th National Rural Health Conference. You do not need to register for the conference, but you do need to register for the workshop. It will feature Prof Lorimer Moseley (discussing some cool science and pain education demo), A/Prof David Butler (on why language is critical), Dr Emma Karran (physio discussing her groundbreaking research on that curly question of scan reports), Bernie Smith (psychologist discussing practical approaches to pain management) and Angie Clerc-Hawke on how you can get more involved with your own community.

Click this link to find out more and register http://www.ruralhealth.org.au/15nrhc/preconference

There will be a light meal provided as part of the talk, please reply to this email with any dietary requirements you have.

If you’ve signed up to come to the talk, make sure your patients know about the public seminar! If you’d like a flyer that you can share please reply to this email, and be sure to let people know that they need to book via the website.

Can’t wait to see you!!

Lissanthea and the Pain Revolution Team